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Apply to Become a Homeowner with Us

The Houston Community Land Trust's Homebuyer Application asks for information about who is living in the household, all sources of household income, consumer debt, savings and assets, credit history, current living situation and homeownership goals.

Please have supporting documents such as paycheck stubs, benefit award letters, personal income tax returns, a copy of your credit report, and bank statements available for reference when you are filling out the application.


To qualify to buy with us, you must:

  • Have a gross annual household income of less than 80% AMI. Click here for the AMI Guide.

  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident.

  • Attend an 8-hour HUD certified homebuyer education course and one of our HCLT Orientation classes.

  • Be able to obtain a fixed-rate, 30-year mortgage from one of our approved lenders.

  • Be able to contribute at least $350 of personal funds at closing.

  • Maintain at least $1000 of personal funds in reserve after closing.

  • Be willing and able to submit all required documentation to verify your eligibility.

Find out more on our How to Buy page.